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Grease Catcher
Grease Traps
Full Filtration
Grease Traps
Fully Automatic
Grease Traps
Semi Automatic
Grease Traps
Grease Traps
Coffee & Food
Filtration Boxes
450 - 1,000 Litre
Above Ground
150 - 450 Litre
Grease Trap
1,000 - 6,000 Litre
Underground Grease
Jumbo® 150 -
300 Litre
Jumbo® 150 -
1,150 Litre
G.R.P. Underground
Grease Interceptors

10 Litre Refill

10 Litres of Grease Trap, Grease Digesting Fluid
grease traps
grease traps Digests Fats, Oils & Grease
grease traps Reduces pumping problems
grease traps Reduces or eliminates odour problems
grease traps Maintains free flowing drain lines
grease traps Improves hygiene standards
grease traps Reduces maintenance costs

Fats, Oils &
Digestion Fluid
Specially formulated biological product designed for the maintenance of drain lines, pipes and grease traps serving the catering and food manufacturing industry. It is also designed for use in sewers and pumping wells.

Contains selected surfactants that aid in the emulsification of grease, making it more availableto the microorganisms to digest. The product contains other specific ingredients designed to stabilise the product, to allow problem-free pumping in automatic dispensers and to maximise the biodegradation of grease.
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