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GS 1 1000L Grease Interceptor
For larger hotels, factories & food processing plants we offer a range of GS underground grease interceptors. These can be sited as single use or in a primary & secondary tank series. If underground access is difficult (see SS AGI page).
Polytraps GS GS 1 1000L Grease Interceptor
Application: Large Sized Restaurants / Hotels / Food Processing
Capacity: 1000 Litres
Cover: Lockable Heavy Duty Plastic UK rated
Inlet: 110mm Outlet: 110mm
Material: High Density Polyethylene
Installation: Underground
Pedestrian rated lockable cover
Low Maintenance
Extensions available
Durable & Robust
High Strength HDPE Plastic
Simple To Install
Easy Installation

GS Installation Methods

Stage 1:
Lay a minimum 100mm base of concrete. During this stage case should be taken to ensure that the bottom of the unit is uniformly supported so that point loads to the base are avoided. Connect the incoming and outgoing pipe work preferably using standard UPVC couplings. Please ensure all the units are connected properly and have correct levels, ensure no negative falls are in the system before connection to inlet and outlet pipes.

Stage 2:
Ensure there is an adequate water supply available. It is recommended that the unit is at least half filled with water for ballast and to the unit floating, and then pour concrete around the sides of the tank with a minimum 100mm of concrete around the unit, making sure concrete is packed into the ribs. This will take you to just below the pipe work. Do not use vibrating pokers to consolidate the concrete.

Stage 3:
Should one of our extensions be fitted to accommodate extended invert. This should be backfilled with concrete as detailed above. Please note extensions can only be supplied to 1000mm in line with Building Regulation and Health and Safety. Deeper inverts should be accommodated by use of our Access Chambers (please ask for more details if you are unsure).

Stage 4:
It is important to check the unit has been filled (Primed) with reasonably clean water to the bottom invert or waterline of the outlet pipe. This is the unit's normal water level when at rest. Check all pipe connections are clear from obstructions.

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