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Above Ground Grease Traps

The GTB entry level filtered grease traps traps are manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel, with a 5 year warranty. Ideal for businesses on a budget but who want quality & performance.

Full Range   from £199+vat
Grease Trap customer review:
The popular high performance stainless steel filtration grease trap.
is designed for internal or external installation.These above ground units are easy to clean fully sealed and arrive with a big 10 year warranty.
Full Range from £345+vat
Fat Trap customer review:
The amazing Non mechanical grease removal unit. This unique system fit directly on to sinks & dishwashers & will automatically remove oil & grease out of the water.
Full Range from £1,995+vat
Fatstrippa customer review:
SS 450 - 1000 litre above ground grease interceptors are designed for larger hotels or food processing. Ideal for internal or external installation fully sealed with quick release clips
Full Range from £1,500+vat
SS Interceptor customer review:
Fully versatile filtration boxes. We can manufacture them for sinks & dishwashers, coffee filters, potato rumblers through to pre treatment for inline pumps.
Full Range from £325+vat
Filtra-Box customer review:
The Grease Release has been designed in 4 sizes from small to large capacities. With our cleverly designed grease indicator you'll know when to empty and drain via our bespoke stainless steel handle.
Full Range from £1,800+vat
Grease Release customer review:
Below Ground Grease Traps
The GT 150 - 450 litre high Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) grease trap for below ground installation.

Supplied with galvanized steel pedestrian cover.
Full Range from £265+vat
The Jumbo 300 - 1000 litre high density poly ethylene (HDPE) grease trap for below ground external installation and supplied with a single seal heavy duty plastic lockable cover.
Full Range from £375+vat
GS 1000 - 4000 litre High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) grease trap for below ground installation and supplied with a single seal Heavy Duty Plastic lockable cover
Full Range from £695+vat
coming soon
Full Range from POA

Full 5 - 25 litre grease digesting dosing kits.
Each kit comes complete with high quality easy programable peristaltic dosing pump. To be used as optional dosing for traps & interceptors.

Full Range from £199+vat
Grease Enzyme customer review:
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